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Basic Skills

Transferring Course Work

NCCA’s Diploma Program transcripts have been accepted by private high schools and some public schools.  However, there is no uniform policy regarding the transfer of units within the public school system.  Districts are free to set their own policies.


If you anticipate transferring to an on-campus school, meeting with the vice-principal of curriculum or a counselor of the prospective school is recommended.  This will clarify which courses, if any, will be accepted before beginning the Diploma Program

Out-Sourced Courses

Students may utilize a number of options available through public schools, private schools, online schools, support groups or community colleges to compliment home instruction and meet graduation requirements.  Because there is no uniform standard for these courses, the Diploma Program Advisor will evaluate the courses in light of NCCA’s requirements and award units.  Plan to submit an official transcript or grade report along with coursework for evaluation, if needed, to your Diploma Program Advisor.



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