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Basic Skills

Special Needs

Basic Skills offers two services designed to support families with special needs children: Special Needs Testing, and the Privately Developed Plan (PDP) described below.


The Privately Developed Plan (PDP) is an individually developed plan that is cooperatively written by an academic advisor and you, the parents, to address the educational needs of a child with special needs or with a learning disability. This plan is developed after an initial evaluation and consultation.

The PDP will include specific educational goals, which you can follow at home, and documentation of the student's progress. Parents and students will meet on a quarterly basis with their academic advisor for support, evaluation, and advice.

As part of the PDP program you will receive the following services:

  • Four meetings with a PDP Program Advisor for support and assistance in accomplishing the PDP.

  • Curriculum suggestions and advice.

  • A year-end academic evaluation.

  • A year-end progress report based upon the year-end academic evaluation.

  • Maintenance of cumulative records.

  • Year-end correspondence reporting satisfactory progress.

  • Telephone support to answer questions throughout the year.  

PDP Diploma Program

Through this program, New Covenant Christian Academy provides academic support for homeschoolers currently enrolled in Basic Skills Assessment's Privately Developed Plan Program.

This program will give students enrolled in our PDP a way to attain recognition for their academic progress and completion of their high school experience.

The following services are included:

  • Assistance with course and curriculum selection. The PDP program advisor, after a consultation with the director and parents, will chart a course of study to be completed by each student individually.

  • Appointments will be incorporated into scheduled PDP appointments with an expanded time frame.

  • Yearly achievement testing, covered in the PDP.

  • A transcript detailing high school credits or maximum academic progress.

  • A diploma awarded at a commencement ceremony when the PDP graduation requirements are met.

As students in the PDP program have very diverse skills, this Diploma Program has the flexibility to be highly individualized. We will use high school materials whenever possible. Students will assimilate information and demonstrate an understanding of concepts covered in a variety of ways. Coursework shall be documented by parents and transcripted by the PDP advisor and New Covenant Christian Academy. Level of proficiency will be documented and a portfolio of work will be evaluated by the advisor and kept by the parent.



Application Process

  1. Download the application
  2. Mail the completed application along with the $81.00 application fee to Basic Skills.
  3. You will be contacted by an Academic Advisor to schedule your first appointment.
Tuition and Fees
  • Application Fee: $81.00
  • PDP tuition: $441.00
  • PDP Diploma Program Tuition: $591.00

Free resources for you:

Parent Resource Sheet

Technology for People with Dyslexia

Introduction to Learning Disabilities
for the Homeschool Parent

by Jo Edwards

(audio file from Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network conference 2010)

"Why isn't this child learning as well as my other children? What am I doing wrong?" When a child seems bright but is not learning at the same rate as his/her peers, a learning disability could be the reason. Understand the symptoms of a learning disability and how to determine when this is the problem. Teaching methods, curriculum selection and specialized tutoring will also be discussed.

Download audio file (152 MB)


Privately Developed Plans for the Homeschool

by Jo Edwards

(audio file from Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network conference 2010)

A Privately Developed Plan (PDP) is required by Oregon Law when a homeschool student fails to score above the 14th percentile on a nationally-normed achievement test. This session will explain how the PDP is cooperatively written by an academic advisor and the parents and the ways in which the plan identifies, addresses, and measures student progress.

Download audio file (152 MB)

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