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Basic Skills


Keeping accurate records of completed course work is essential in the Diploma Program.  To receive units, a Record of Grades  or Course Journal  form (provide by NCCA), or another means of approved documentation (spread sheet, word processed records, etc.) must be completed and submitted to your Diploma Program Advisor for each course the student is taking.  Typically, the Record of Grades form is used for courses in which the student is to receive a letter grade, and the Course Journal for pass/fail courses.  Parent signatures at the bottom of each form are required to insure the integrity of these records.

A link to these downloadable PDF forms will be emailed to you after the application process is complete. You can then save these documents to your computer for future use. These forms are the intellectual property of Basic Skills so please use them only for use with the Diploma Program and only for your family. 



Tests are to be administered by a parent.  To maintain grade integrity, tests are typically given as closed book, but some exceptions may be made.  Open book tests or re-tests must be approved by the Diploma Program Advisor. This type of test must be clearly noted as such on the Record of Grades form.



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