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Basic Skills

On-site Tutoring

High School, Elementary, Weekly Management

Basic Skills knows that you may not feel comfortable teaching every subject to your child, or you may simply need someone from outside the family to give assignments and explain concepts. We provide a wide variety of tutoring opportunities and are confident that one will fit your needs.

Individual Tutoring
Flexibility and accountability are the keys. We work to meet your needs; therefore, we meet when you need to, not when a contract says to meet. We combine a variety of textbooks, techniques, and tools to provide your student with the best learning environment possible. Parents are always welcome to attend tutoring sessions.

Weekly Management
Weekly accountability and instruction are great resources for students who work well on their own, but just need a little bit more supervision. Our trained teachers will provide help in problem areas and input on correction of daily work. This program can be paired with our Diploma Program or custom made to fit your educational needs.

Tutoring ranges from $29.00 to $40.00 per hour, based upon the tutor and content.

If you would like more information, please contact the Basic Skills office.

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