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Basic Skills

Policies and Standards

Missed/Late Assignments

Late Assignment: Defined as turned in one hour to 24 hours after due.  Three assignments turned in late equal one missed assignment.

Missed Assignment: 24 hours after assignment is due, assignment is considered missed.  You will be charged for this assignment unless excused for illness or family emergency.  Missed assignments must be completed before continuing to next assignment.

Accreditation: New Covenant Christian Academy has been serving the homeschool community since 1994. We are not state or federally funded, nor is our diploma accredited or regulated by government standards.

Taking this position ensures that the academic and religious freedom we and your children enjoy is not compromised. Our intent is to assist parents as they educate and train their students toward academic and vocational excellence, allowing the Bible to inform all subjects.

We are pleased to note that students graduating from NCCA have been accepted at both public and private colleges and universities nationwide.

Earning High School Credit: A semester of credit (.5 unit) will be awarded through New Covenant Christian Academy at no extra charge if the intermediate course is successfully completed (21 sessions). Students may earn an additional semester of credit upon completing two research papers according to the standards set by NCCA. Additional charges based on the teacher's time to mentor and evaluate work at a rate of $40 per hour will apply.

Credit can be earned in through the Advanced course also. Consult with the instructor for more information.

Plagiarism: Students enrolled in a Becoming an Effective Writer course are expected to do their own work and cite the work of others appropriately. Plagiarism is the willful presentation of someone else's previously written, published, or copyrighted material as one's own. Such materials may include work that appears in print, online, or in audio or video formats.

Copying work from another source may be regarded as plagiarism if done without consent and if credit is not given to the original writer. Plagiarism will be taken seriously and could possibly result in the following consequences: failing the assignment in question, not receiving credit for the course, or mandatory withdrawal from the program.


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