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Basic Skills

High School Class Descriptions


  • Algebra 1/2 - Lisa Coleman
  • Algebra 1 - Jerry Jones
  • Geometry - Jerry Jones
  • Algebra 2 - Jerry Jones
  • Intro to Calculus - Jerry Jones


  • Classical Literature - Thelma English
  • Old Testament Survey - Thelma English
  • Interpersonal Communications - Natalie Trust
  • Writing Fundamentals - Natalie Trust
  • Acting & Understanding Shakespeare - Sarah Aldrich


  • Physical Science - Jerry Jones
  • Biology - Nathaniel Rodrigues
  • Chemistry - Jerry Jones
  • Physics & Electronics - Jerry Jones
  • Anatomy & Physiology - Lisa Coleman

Social Studies

  • Jr. High History - Randy Souders
  • World History - Randy Souders
  • History of Classical Music - Nathaniel Rodrigues


  • Art Lab - Linda Hitz


Algebra 1/2 (1 unit) – Lisa Coleman 

Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-11:00AM

Grades: 7-12

Description: Students graduating from Saxon Course 2, will enjoy this natural progression into Saxon Course 3 as we continue building upon the foundations of Course 2. 

Students will acquire a solid foundation, which includes knowledge of:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; numeration and estimation; and the application of these operations and concepts
  • Geometric and spatial sense involving measurement (length, area, and volume), similarity and transformation of shapes
  • Data analysis, probability and statistics
  • Patterns and relationships of numbers
  • Mathematical systems (including whole numbers, integers, fractions), geometry, and number theory (including primes, factors, and multiples)

Textbook: Saxon Math Course 3 (currently on Amazon for $38.99)

Tuition:  $490   Materials Fee: $15

Algebra 1
(1 unit) - Jerry Jones
Mondays & Wednesdays 10:00-11:30

Prerequisite: Strength in multiplications table, decimals and fractions.

Description: Topics of Pre-Algebra are more fully developed, with more emphasis on variables, sets, exponents, roots, graphing, and functions. We’ll explore simplifying polynomial expressions, combining like terms, solving equations, interpreting word problems, graphing linear & quadratic equations, and some basic Geometry concepts, all with real-life applications.

Textbooks: Algebra 1, 4th edition; & Solutions Key (Saxon); Tests are provided by the teacher.

Also: Graph Paper; TI-83 or 84 graphing Calculator. The graphing calculator is a good investment for further math classes, and we will learn to use many of the features in this course.

Tuition: $490 per year Materials Fee:  $15


Geometry (1 unit) - Jerry Jones
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-11:00

Prerequisite: Algebra 1.

Description: While continuing to review some Algebra 1 concepts, this course will develop familiarity with two- and-three dimensional objects and their properties, while making drawings and visualizing real-world applications. It includes the study of parallel lines, similar and congruent figures, triangles, polygons, circles, area and volume, an introduction to constructions, proofs, and graphed figures. Trigonometry is introduced. Deductive and inductive reasoning as well as investigative strategies in drawing conclusions are emphasized. May be taken after Algebra 2, but designed to be taken between Alg.1 & Alg.2.

Textbooks: Geometry, 1st edition; (Saxon) & Solutions key; Tests are provided by the teacher.

Also: Protractor, Graph Paper; TI-83 or 84 Calculator. A compass is provided by the teacher.

Tuition: $495 per year Materials Fee: $15


Algebra 2 (1 unit) - Jerry Jones
Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00-12:00

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and basic Geometry knowledge.

Description: Review of geometry and a further development of algebra is integrated with probability, statistics, graphing a wide array of functions (linear, polynomial, radical, exponential, and conic sections), matrices, logarithms, analytic geometry & trigonometry concepts. This course is powerful preparation for college and entrance exams.

Textbooks: Algebra 2, 4th Edition; Answer Key (Saxon) ; Tests are provided by the teacher.

Also: Graph Paper; TI-83 or 84 Calculator. Tests are provided by the teacher.

Tuition: $500 per year Materials Fee: $15


Intro to Calculus  (1.5 units) - Jerry Jones
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30-1:30

Prerequisite: Algebra 2 and Geometry.

Description: Advanced Algebra and trigonometry concepts are more fully developed (graphing non-linear systems, logarithms, and probability), and we introduce Calculus basics (limits, functions, differentiation, integration).   This is a kinder, gentler calculus course with plenty of examples; (unlike most college and public school courses).

Textbooks: Calculus, 2nd edition; Daily Answer Key or Solutions Manual (Saxon); Tests are provided by teacher.

Also: Graph Paper; TI-83 or 84 Calculator. Calculus Text is provided by the teacher (Really!)

Tuition: $560, $15 materials.


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CLASSICAL LITERATURE (1.5 credit) - Thelma English
Wednesdays 10:00-12:00

Description: This challenging 1.5 credit English, Ancient History, or Bible course glorifies God by comparing and contrasting the ideas of the Greek and Roman poets and philosophers with the teachings of the Bible.  Students read and analyze classical texts from Homer, Job, Jonah, Esther, Plato, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Virgil, the Apostle Paul, Augustine, various early church fathers, Shakespeare, and others as literature and history, concerning their contribution to the culture of the Western world in the light of the Bible.  Students will explore pagan-classical and Judeo-Christian worldviews of God, the gods, the human condition, and examine the resultant cultures.  Classical mythology is examined as man’s attempt to explain the order, structure, and origin of the universe.  These explanations are contrasted with the truth as found in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.  The Bible is presented in a literal, grammatico-historical sense.  Writing assignments vary from study guides to short essays and quizzes.

This class utilizes the www.thelmaslibrary.com website extensively.  There, students will find Thelma audio for almost every book and play.  Students can read along in their text as Mrs. English reads aloud and explicates the text.  Utilizing Thelma audio has made Classics available to many who were previously unprepared for this level of academic study.

Books include Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey (Lattimore), Job, Jonah, Esther, Plato’s Last Days of Socrates (Tredennick), Aristophanes’ Clouds, Virgil’s Aeneid (Fitxgerald), Augustine’s Confessions (Chadwick), Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus, Sophocles’ Antigone, Aeschylus’ Oresteia trilogy, Book of Acts.  Multiple short selections are included in the 400-page syllabus with weekly reading assignments (maps, magazine articles, archaeology, early church accounts, etc.).

Textbooks: Students purchase their own books.  See booklist and bundle prices at www.exodusbooks.com

Tuition:  $574     Materials Fee:  $40

 (1 credit) - Thelma English

Wednesdays 12:30-2:30   

Grades: 8-12 (grade 7 with permission: strong readers)

Description:  In this one-credit English, Ancient History, or Bible course, students will read most of the Old Testament (20 chapters per week), exploring exegetical insights and archaeological evidence, to understand the Old Testament narrative as a whole. Students will learn a basic outline of ancient history, introductions to each book, and become familiar with the Hebrew and Greek alphabets to enable them to use scholarly resources. Short weekly writing assignments are designed to reinforce basic elements of the reading: map skills, mini-biographies, dating key figures and events, question sets, definitions, lists of judges and kings, short poems, Psalms explication, artistic expression options, and memorization.

Weekly PowerPoint presentations include: Learning the Hebrew alphabet, Grammatical-Historical Scholarship (how to be a Berean), Dating Abraham, Excavating Beersheba, Dating the Exodus, Excavating Jericho, The Wilderness Tabernacle, Feasts and Holidays, Judges Overview, Solomon’s Temple, Kings Chapter by Chapter, Name of God, Assyria, Excavating Nineveh, Excavating Babylon, Persia, Book of the Twelve, Inter-Testamental History, and many more.

Textbook: Students bring a Bible to class: NAS, NIV, KJV, NKJV, ESV. Highly suggested is Holman's Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible ($20 on Amazon)

Tuition: $550    Materials Fees: $30 

Writing Fundamentals (1 unit) – Natalie Trust
Tuesday 11:00-12:30
Grades: 8-12 
Description: Students will learn different writing formats beginning with a basic paragraph & moving to five paragraph essays & then to research papers. MLA format will be taught & used to document research. Class will include a unit on creative writing as well. 
Textbooks: Provided in class
Tuition:  $400     Materials Fee:  $30



Tuesday 9:30-11:00

Grades: 8-12 
Description: With our ever-increasing dependence upon texting and various forms of social media to communicate with others, it is vital we develop and maintain excellent interpersonal skills. Students will be introduced to the importance of excellent communication skills within the settings of: family, workplace, & our society. The class will study the development of the self-concept, non-verbal

communication, conflict resolution, listening, & other aspects of communication.
*This course will fulfill the communication credit required for
students enrolled in the Basic Skills Diploma Program.
Textbooks: Provided in class 
Tuition: $400      Materials Fee: $50

Acting and Understanding Shakespeare

Wednesday 2:30-4:00

Grades: 7-12

Description: Students in Acting and Understanding Shakespeare will be introduced to a variety of plays and sonnets written by the Bard himself. Through scene studies, monologues, and textual analysis, students will gain a deeper understanding of Shakespeare's contribution to the world of theatre and will learn how to master the challenging language of the Elizabethan era.

Students will:

·  Act with other students and perform in groups and solo

·  Learn how to analyze and embody Shakespeare's unique linguistic form

·  Learn the basics of acting through vocal and movement work

·  Gain a broader knowledge of Shakespeare's collection of works

·  Present a selection of sonnets, scenes, and monologues at the end of the year in a showcase

Textbooks: TBD

Tuition: $400     Materials Fee: $15


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Anatomy & Physiology (1 unit) – Lisa Coleman 

Thursday 11:00-12:30PM

Grades: 7-8

Description: Dive into the human body as never before!  This fun-filled class will look into the wonders of the human body, including anatomy, health and nutrition, physiology, diseases, survival skills and a unit on gender differences. The amusing "Blood and Guts" book will keep you enthralled and the hands-on experiments will keep you on your toes (like an exciting hands-on dissection!)  Did I mention we're going to have a unit on Survival Skills?  So many tangible life skills to learn in this class- you don't want to miss it!

Textbook: TBD

Tuition:  $470   Materials Fee: $15


Physical Science (1 unit) - Jerry Jones
Wednesday 8:00-10:00

Prerequisites: none.

Description: Course begins with the basic building blocks of matter and measurement. We will introduce physics, work and energy, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, optics, atoms, chemical compounds, mixtures and solutions. Every class meeting will include laboratory experiences, and reporting. This course should precede Chemistry and Physics.

Textbook: Physical Science, Student Edition, 5th edition; (Bob Jones); Lab Manual. Tests provided by teacher.

Tuition: $500 per year Lab/Materials Fee: $50

Biology (1 Unit) – Nathaniel Rodrigues

Wednesday 12:30-2:30

Grades: 9-12

Description: This challenging and exciting course is designed to give a broad overview of biology, covering topics such as zoology, botany, genetics, ecology, virology, and much more. There will also be a strong emphasis on human anatomy and physiology. The course is lecture/discussion oriented, with complimentary lab exercises, dissections, and potential field trips as well. From microscopic organisms to giant sequoias, this course will deepen a student's appreciation for and understand of this incredibly complex world that God created.  

Textbook: to be determined (contact teacher directly)

Tuition: $495            Lab\Materials Fee: $50


Chemistry (1 unit) - Jerry Jones
Tuesdays 8:00-10:00

Prerequisites: Physical Science, & completed or is taking Algebra 2 or Geometry.

Description: All general topics of Chemistry will be covered, to give the student ample preparation for future college-level courses. The metric system will be used, and unit conversion will require some algebraic manipulation. Every class meeting will include laboratory experiences, and reporting.

Textbook: Chemistry, Student Textbook, 4th edition; (Bob Jones); Student Lab Manual. Calculator. Tests are provided by teacher.

Tuition: $510 per year Lab/Materials Fee: $60


Physics & Electronics (1 unit) – Jerry Jones
Thursdays 8:00-10:00

Prerequisites: Physical Science, completed or is taking Algebra 2 or Geometry.

Description: All general topics of Physics will be covered, to give the student ample preparation for future college-level courses. Five weeks will be devoted to basic electronics. The metric system will be used, and some problems will utilize basic trigonometry. Every class meeting will include laboratory experiences, and reporting.

Textbook:  Physics, Student Textbook, 3rd edition; (Bob Jones). Student Lab Manual.  Calculator. Tests are provided by teacher.

Tuition: $520 per year Lab/Materials Fee: $60


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Social Studies


HISTORY OF CLASSICAL MUSIC (1 unit) – Nathaniel Rodrigues

Wednesday 11:00-12:00

Grades: 9-12

Prerequisites: Writing Fundamentals  

Description: Starting in the Middle Ages and going through the 20th century, this course is a lively tour of the history of Western classical music. We will utilize extensive listening activities, art appreciation/history, and in-depth studies (including writing assignments) of key composers and their works. This course uses historical and cultural perspectives to trace how religious, social, and political changes influenced music (and vice versa), and how history and classical music/art are intertwined. We will also discover how many coffee beans Beethoven had to have per cup of coffee. From the deposition of the last Western Roman Emperor, to the Napoleonic Wars, to the birth of Jazz, this course covers over 1500 years of classical music and your ears will never be the same!

Textbook: two (2) textbooks:

1) Listen and You Will See: A Brief History of Classical Music by Nathaniel Rodrigues (available at Blurb.com)

2) A History of Western Music 7th Edition (this edition is available for less than $20 online) by J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout, Claude V. Palisca

Tuition: $325     Lab/Materials Fee: $40


World History & Geography for High School (I unit) - Randy Souders
Tuesday, 11:00-1:00 

Grades: 9-12
Description: History is fun again! Enjoy lectures, textbooks, films and discussions about our world of today and yesteryear. There will be papers, weekly quizzes, and a film. We will use the Bob Jones World History and Geography for High School. Study Early Civilizations, Romans, Vikings, Early Exploration, maps of the world and countries of the world.

Textbooks:  BJU World History & Cultural Geography
Tuition:   $525              Material Fees:  $30


Jr. High United States and World History & Geography Survey (I unit) - Randy Souders
Tuesday, 1:00-2:30 

Grades: 7-8
Description: History can be fun again! Enjoy lecture, book, films and discussions about of world of today and yesteryear. There will be papers, weekly quizzes and a final. We will have texts for each world history and geography using Bob Jones for Christian Schools. Study Early Civilizations, Romans, Vikings and early exploration, World Wars, Human Rights, and maps and countries of the world.

Textbooks:   BJU World Studies
Tuition:   $495              Material Fees:  $15


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ART LAB (1 unit) - Linda Hitz 

Thursdays 1:00-3:00

Grades: 7-12

Description: This class is an Art Lab. The students may pursue a choice of curriculum including Jr High or High School Drawing, Principles of Design, Color in Art or Watercolor. We can also design a curriculum to suit your student. I do require Drawing or a strong knowledge of drawing as a prerequisite for the other classes. For more information please feel free to contact me. I will send a supply list after we have chosen a curriculum for your student and I have received your registration.

Tuition: $375    Materials Fee: $40


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