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Basic Skills

Assessment Tools

Based on the format of the new Achievement Test (California Achievement Test/ TerraNova 2), this new Practice test is designed to simulate and acquaint the student with the structure and feel rather than the total length of a survey test. After about an hour of work, most students understand what's required, and feel comfortable with how such a test works.

Achieving Peak Performance
 Available for grades 1-10

Designed to help your child do his or her best on standardized achievement tests which are broken down into subject-specific subtests, this test preparation tool will assist you in identifying learning objectives and mastering test preparation strategies.

ELO Quick Assessment  Available for grades 1-8

How do I know that my child has learned all that he should for his grade level? The ELO (Essential Learning Objectives) Quick Assessment is an evaluation tool that is designed to fill the gap that achievement tests and other products may leave.

Essential Learning Objectives
For grades K-8, this product lists the math and language arts learning objectives for each grade level.

As the title suggests, is designed to teach you just that… how to ask questions that matter. Why is such a booklet necessary? Because the vast majority of text book publishers populate their tests with questions that frankly don’t matter.


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