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Basic Skills

The One-Hour Practice Test

The One-Hour Practice Test, Grades 1-10

For parents, two questions are primary: First, what skills will be measured, and second, how can I prepare my student for this important experience.  For any test, most of us like to know what's going to be expected so we can prepare adequately.  Everyone likes to know what the target is so they can know if they are aiming in the right direction.

The One-Hour Practice Test prepares students for achievement tests that are characterized by the following: first, the achievement test measures reading comprehension and language arts by combining the two into one assessment.  Second, the achievement test demands strong critical thinking skills.

The One-Hour Practice Test is brief.  Like its name suggests, it takes about an hour to complete.  It is designed to simulate and acquaint the student with the structure and feel, rather than the total length, of a survey test distinguished by the above two characteristics.  After about an hour of work, most students understand what’s required, and feel comfortable with how such a test works.

Currently available for grades 3-6 and grades 8-10. 

Grades 1, 2, and 7 may use the Achieving Peak Performance test.

Click here to view sample pages for Grade 5 of The One-Hour Practice Test.

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