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Basic Skills

High School Classes

Classes at Basic Skills are intended to be supplemental to your home schooling efforts; thus, while you may find they help meet most high school graduation requirements, some courses may need to be completed at home.

Courses may also be open to Middle School students. See Class Descriptions for more details.

To Enroll: (View the 2017-2018 Class Schedule here)

  • Download and complete Immunization Form (new students)

    See Immunization FAQs for more information


Confirm Immunization Form on file (returning students)

    See Immunization FAQs for more information

  • Mail or deliver forms with $75.00 (per student) administrative fee to Basic Skills.
  • Once completed forms and administrative fee are received, request Enrollment Forms from Basic Skills
  • Mail one Enrollment Form per student to teacher’s address with non-refundable deposit.


Teacher Contact Info

Phone Email
Lisa Coleman
Thelma English
Linda Hitz:   
Jerry Jones:  
Nathaniel Rodrigues
Randy Souders:    
Natalie Trust:


Immunization FAQs:

  • How do I know what action to take?

Utilize our Navigational Chart to determine the best course of action to complete your student's immunization form.

  • How do I know if my student is missing any vaccines?

    Check out the flier published by the Oregon Health Authority to easily identify missing vaccines.
  • What if I DO NOT want my student vaccinated?

You will need a nonmedical exemption through the Oregon Health Authority or a healthcare practitioner. More information can be found here.

  • How can I get a nonmedical exemption online?

    Instructions on how to claim a nonmedical exemption can be found here.
  • What are your current immunization rates at Basic Skills?

Click here to see Basic Skills' report of immunization rates

Click here to see Clackamas County's report of immunization rates


Visit Oregon.gov to learn about immunization
requirements for all school-attending students.


2017-2018 School Calendar

1st Quarter

  • September 5           Classes Begin
  • TBA                           End of 1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

  • TBA                  Thanksgiving Break
  • TBA                 Christmas Break
  • TBA                  End of 2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

  • TBA                 End of 3rd Quarter
  • TBA                 Spring Break

4th Quarter

  • TBA                End of 4th Quarter

-Class Descriptions-


Algebra 1/2 - Lisa Coleman
Algebra I - Jerry Jones

Geometry - Jerry Jones

Algebra II - Jerry Jones

Intro to Calculus - Jerry Jones


Classical Literature - Thelma English

Old Testament Survey - Thelma English

Interpersonal Communication - Natalie Trust

Writing Fundamentals - Natalie Trust

Acting & Understanding Shakespeare- Sarah Aldrich


Physical Science - Jerry Jones

Biology - Nathaniel Rodrigues

Chemistry - Jerry Jones

Physics & Electronics - Jerry Jones

Anatomy & Physiology - Lisa Coleman

Social Studies

Jr. High History - Randy Souders

United States History - Randy Souders

History of Classical Music - Nathaniel Rodrigues


Art Lab - Linda Hitz

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