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Basic Skills

Evaluation Sessions

Parents and students must meet with their academic advisor at the end of each semester (2nd and 4th academic quarters, see Diploma Program Calendar). Meeting at the end of first and third quarters is optional, but recommended if you have questions regarding the use of your curriculum, questions about grading, etc.   Remember, you may call or email the office at any time to get a general question answered; you don’t have to wait until the first meeting with your advisor. For student specific questions, please email your advisor.

Semester appointments take about forty-five minutes to an hour. During this time, your advisor will review your student’s Record of Grades and Course Journal forms and support documentation for the two quarters making up the semester.  The support documentation includes the tests, quizzes, samples of daily work and possibly written summaries of course experiences and exposures, etc.

It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule first and third quarter appointments as these are optional.  The preferred way of scheduling is to e-mail your advisor and suggest two or three possible days and times to meet.  Your Diploma Program Advisor will confirm the day and meeting time.  For long distance families, your appointment will be conducted by phone in which you place the call to your advisor on the agreed upon day and time. For local families, meetings will take place at our campus in Oregon City.

The following is essential for semester appointments:

  • Completed Record of Grades forms with scores totaled
  • Completed Course Journal forms with hours totaled and signed by a parent
  • All of the student's test and work applicable to course grades
  • Any questions you have

Local families should bring the above with them to their appointments.  Long distance families should mail, or scan and e-mail the above at least three days prior to their scheduled phone appointment.  If you mail the above, we strongly recommend you use FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express or other delivery services offering track able delivery.  Be sure to include a check for the same amount it cost you to mail it so we may return the above items to you. Advisors will call their clients at prearranged appointment times to conduct these meetings.

Missed Appointments
If you are unable to keep an appointment (including a scheduled phone appointment), we request that you notify your advisor as soon as possible, preferably at least two days prior to the scheduled appointment.  Rescheduling appointments is the responsibility of the parents.  Those who miss two appointments without giving advanced notice may be dropped from the program.



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