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Overall academic ability
English Skills
Social Studies Aptitude
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  Respects Authority
Emotional Stability
  Demonstrates Leadership


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Basic Skills Commitments:


We will provide the above named family with:


  • Assistance with course and curriculum selection
  • Two 45 to 60 minute advising and evaluation sessions at the end of each semester
  • Two 30 to 45 minute advising sessions at the parent’s request at the end of first and third quarters
  • A report card for students in grades 7-8
  • A transcript for students in grades 9-12
  • Telephone/e-mail support to answer brief questions throughout the year.
  • One letter of recommendation that can be submitted to an unlimited number of colleges
  • Completion of applications for scholarships, early admissions, etc. may be subject to additional charges
  • Unlimited transcript creation as requested by prospective colleges and universities.
  • Transfer of all previous earned credits
  • Maintenance of your academic record for future access indefinitely
  • Credit recovery and transcripting of previous at a special hourly rate
  • Additional appointments, if requested by the parent, at a special hourly rate.
  • A diploma awarded at a commencement ceremony when graduation requirements are met.
Family Commitments:

Checking the two boxes below confirms...

  1. That you have read and agree to follow the procedures in the NCCA Diploma Program Handbook.
  2. That all tests and quizzes will be closed-book and without help relative to the concepts being evaluated – unless otherwise approved by your Diploma Program Advisor.
  3. That all work recorded on the Record of Grades form is scored and recorded only by a parent; that all work recorded on the Course Journal is confirmed and totaled by a parent.
  4. That Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services/NCCA are advisory and supportive only and that the above-named family bears sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services.

We agree to follow the above Family Commitments.

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